How Mass Market Skincare Brands Are Creating Impact







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2020 saw a shift from consumers focusing on their makeup routine, to their skincare regimen. The conversation around skincare grew by 23%, which showed just how important skincare became in our lives.

We have teamed up with Glossy to serve exclusive, monthly rankings around all things beauty. In this Glossy+ online event,
you will get exclusive access to a live interview during which Glossy’s Executive Editor, Priya Rao, together with Launchmetrics’ Chief Marketing Officer, Alison Bringé, will look back at the past months of 2021 and share insights on how the Mass Market skincare brands are generating brand performance by leveraging the key Voices.

During the session we will discuss:

  • The data behind 10 top skincare brands

  • The Voices that create the most impact

  • Top trends in the beauty industry, including the changing needs of consumers, the importance of the Chinese market, and the impact of COVID-19 on the beauty industry


Priya Rao

Executive Editor at Glossy


Alison Bringé

Chief Marketing Officer at Launchmetrics